There have been many plane games to grace our Android phones over the lifetime of the Android Market. However, very few that have gotten it right. In fact, most of them made us so dizzy or frustrated that we thought we’d never see a good one. MiniSquadron, although not a flight simulator, is a game that is both well-made and controls like a charm.

It’s a game created for the casual gamer and has a very obvious light-hearted theme. The music is classical as you shoot down ducks, UFOs, choppers and planes. What struck me as interesting is that the game is truly entertaining. Powerups fall from the sky and different planes fire different types of ammo. There was enough variety to keep the game interesting and it almost always kept me trying to beat the next wave. The developers seem to keep updating the game with newer features and perfecting the game, so I would expect this one to be sticking around for a while.

If you’re looking for a challenging game that is fun, colorful and easy to play, look into MiniSquadron. It has great controls and addictive gameplay that is hard to find in most games. For the price it was when I was reviewing it, it is definitely worth the purchase. Check it out.