The kind of games you’ll find here include a top down endless runner in which you must avoid the walls by tapping to switch directions, a downward scrolling ski game in which you must pass through the marked goals, a sidescroller in which you simply avoid enemies, and so on. Also, like Puzzle Family, everything is wrapped up in a big metagame. In this case, you’re taking care of the different animals that you can take into each game, making them eat, sleep, play, and train. Each animal actually has different stats, with different levels in jumping, running, and power. As you play, you’ll earn stars which can be used to buy new furniture and items, and you’ll get new characters as an award for doing well.

My big problem with this game is that seven of the 11 games are locked from the start, unlike Puzzle Family which allowed you to at least try each game out before fully unlocking them. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so hard to save up stars without actually buying star packs through in-app purchases. It’s unfortunate, because I really prefer these kinds of games to Puzzle Family’s offerings. It’s also kind of a shame that it’s so hard to actually train your characters. Attaining higher levels takes a lot of time and repetition, kind of like real life, which doesn’t make for a very fun metagame.

The art style and music are just as whimsical and crazy as you would expect, and the games are all simple yet fun and challenging. Once again, I hate that they push the IAP so hard, which nearly ruins the game for me, but it is completely free anyway, so go ahead and give it a try. Just know what to expect.