Meteor Blitz is an Asteroids-type game that basically takes the formula of dodge and shoot originally found in the game Asteroids and puts it on Android phones.

Now, this has been done more times than I can count so I wasn’t really looking forward to checking out another lame copy of the classic game. But what I did see blew me away. The game is a shining example of great controls, graphics and gameplay all put together.

It is basically Asteroids in every way but then it adds a bunch of weapons and different enemies that will attack. The controls of the game are absolutely perfect giving the player the feeling of complete control. This is amazing, as most games that use a virtual joystick setup are plagued with awkward controls. Never once did I feel annoyed by the movement, and if my fingers did happen to slip, the game automatically pauses until you come back to the joysticks.

Weapons and abilities can be upgraded as you collect little rings left behind by destroyed enemies. As you upgrade, your different weapons will help you to stay alive longer and earn more points.

Overall, the game is a light in the sea of crappy games out in the app world. It has the perfect balance of control scheme, graphics and rich gameplay that make this game worth every penny asked. It is simply the best asteroid-survival game that can be found in the Android Market so far. Check it out.