With the popularity of smartphones on the constant rise, it only makes sense that local companies along with national ones will leverage the power and capabilities of these handheld wonders. The latest to hit stores is the Meijer Find-It app.

For those of you not in an area with a Meijer store location, it’s basically a Walmart-style superstore. The company has decided to take their online presence to the next level by providing their customers with one of the most unique tools ever to be created for supermarket advertising.

The app offers sales, locations, a map of the store layout and even offers to help you remember where you parked in the lot. The app makes it easy to find the latest deal in produce or just find yourself in the maze of products. The only downside I could find to an app like this was the serious lack of locations offering the service. The app is still technically in a test phase, but more stores should come eventually.

This idea is an awesome one and I hope to see it incorporated by many more businesses in the future. Check it out.