To say the app is quick to load would be a huge understatement. You tap the icon and the app is loaded. It is literally that quick. But perhaps the best selling point for this app is the sheer amount of networks that are available. At the time of this review, there were 63 different instant messaging networks to choose from, leaving the chance of finding your preferred network to a near 100 percent.

The app is extremely barebones when it comes to features though. Users can update their status message and that’s about it. But the absolute ridiculous load speed still makes this my personal IM app of choice. It does support push notifications which are essential these days. The best part about all of this is that the app is offered for free in the Android Market. You won’t pay a dime for this quality IM client.

It’s for these reasons that I wholeheartedly recommend checking Meebo out. It’s a wonderful example of a quality application without the need to pad it with features. Check it out