Math is something that people either love or absolutely hate. I tend to fall into the latter category, only because my mind has a hard time doing it quickly. So many times it is too easy to grab a calculator on my phone and do the math there, instead of just learning to do it all in my head. Math Workout Plus is an app for Android phones that has been created to make your math skills shine.

Each day, you are presented with the list of categories and can work on anything from easy addition, to tougher arithmetic problems. The app keeps track of your progress and has room for up to six players.

There is plenty to do from simple games to really challenging speed drills and every one will improve your math skills. Aside from the different categories offered, there really isn’t much more to the app. You can change backgrounds for different users but there wasn’t a robust way to track your statistics.

Still, It’s a great app for honing your abilities and there is a free version available, so I recommend you check that out first.