Gladly, the experience remained mostly the same. Tapping and dragging in or out will mold the clay accordingly while pulling up or down will stretch the object. The control scheme is very intuitive, though I did find it to be a bit hard to manage the details on my small phone. Once a piece is complete, users can view them or choose to sell them for money. This in-game money allows the player to purchase new materials and glazes that they can use to make their pottery one-of-a-kind.

The entire experience is pretty simple and slow. There is really a limit to the shapes you can produce, though with the help of different items that can be purchased, you really have an almost infinite amount of final pieces you can create.

Overall, the app was simple and well-designed. It grew old after a while, but could definitely serve as a fun tool for those of you who are creative. Check it out.

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