Set in a typical fantasy world of orcs, paladins, wizards, giant spiders, and more, the world of Kingdom Rush is simple but rendered in an adorable and colorful art style that is very unique and iconic. It’s the kind of tower defense with pre-set paths, and strategic tower building locations placed on the map ahead of time. You have four tower types available to you, plus two special powers to activate and a hero character to boss around.

The four tower types are archers, infantry, wizard, and artillery. Infantry mainly keeps the enemy busy while the other three kinds of towers nuke everything. There is a lot of nuance, in that wizards ignore armor, and artillery is important for large hordes of small enemies. Every infantry member can only keep one enemy busy at a time, and there are three per tower. Each tower can be upgraded, eventually reaching a super form at level four, unlocking addition spells, like poisonous arrows on archers and free enemy disintegrations on the wizard. You can also call reinforcement militia as one of your cooldown powers, and you can and should do it often. Your other spell is a powerful meteor storm, and comes up much less often.

All your towers and spells can be upgraded permanently using stars that you earn in each level rating, increasing range or damage, giving better armor to infantry, adding slow to wizard shots, etc. You’ll also earn gems, which you can use to buy special helpful items, like screen clearing bombs or a staff that freezes enemies. Gems and extra heroes can be purchased in app. Each level in the game has three difficulties, plus two challenge versions that you unlock by getting a three star rating on a level. This is seriously one of the best tower defense games there is. It’s full of nuance and depth, but it’s not overly complex or overwhelmingly difficult. For two dollars at the time of this review, it’s a steal.

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