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Sep 2, 2010
TV and Movies is an online video streaming site where users can broadcast their lives, videogames, news, or pretty much whatever else they would like to show live online. The service is free and gives anyone the chance to share whatever they would like to the world. Android App Review –

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The app, is basically your chance to broadcast to the world. Right from your Android device you can stream the world around you. The app works on both wifi and 3G offering streaming pretty much anywhere you are. Once logged in to your account, streaming is as easy as tapping the large red button on the side. Immediately you will begin broadcasting your phone’s view and can share what’s going on in your life. The app is limited on features though. Users can see the chat going on in your channel and change the title of your broadcast but that’s pretty much it. Overall, the app is an amazing tool for social interaction and could easily help to push the world into streaming video more often. The only complaint I had was the lack of an ability to watch other user’s streams in the app. That would have put this app over the edge into a must have. Still, it’s free and definitely fun to use. Check it out.


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