Almost a complete Jeopardy! experience, players will be able to build their avatar, sign their signature, and get right into trying to earn the most money possible. The classic theme song will accompany you as you build your character, which is surprisingly customizable for a trivia application.

Once into the game, Jeopardy! starts just as the television show does, with the categories being revealed one at a time. Pitted against two other computer players, there is not much human interaction unless you happen to have a friend nearby. But even then, they can’t play because there is no multiplayer included.

So, this app ends up being a trivia game that asks you questions and really does not make you feel as if you are trying to outwit another person. That being said, the app is really well made and covers what Jeopardy! is all about aside from the competition. If you are a Jeopardy! nut, I’d recommend checking this out, but if you aren’t really into trying out your trivia skills, you may want to skip this app.

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