Android App Video Review: Jelly Defense

Oct 20, 2011

Despite the ocean of tower defense games on the Android Market, every now and then one comes along that is so unique and interesting that it really stands out from the crowd. This is true of Jelly Defense, a vibrant and innovative take on tower defense games from Infinite Dreams.

The premise is basically aliens. Totally quirky and strange aliens that need your help to protect their gems from the Jelly forces, who are also aliens. The world these creatures inhabit is a strange one, and at times the visual style reminds me of a monochromatic version of World of Goo.

This is a closed circuit tower defense game, consisting of preset paths and maps requiring different strategies. To add to the limitations, you can only place towers in the specific tower slots. To complicate things even more, you have color-coded towers that can only attack enemies of the same color. Red towers attack red, while blue attack blue, and the weak but versatile universal towers attack everything. When you combine all of these elements, you get a tower defense that forces you to think differently than you’re probably used to.

Jelly Defense Android App Review —

Today: A tower defense game like no other. A review of Jelly Defense by App: Jelly Defense Price: $2.99 View this app’s page for more info: View the transcript of this review on Appolicious:

As you proceed through the levels, you’ll gain new towers and encounter new enemies, all recorded and documented in the Jellypedia. As you destroy enemies, they drop coins and occasionally power ups that you need to tap or swipe over to collect. Power ups vary from devastating earth quakes to increased firing speed for all of your towers. You have to protect the batch of emeralds, keeping at least one in your possession by the time you’ve finished the level and dealt with the boss.

The stylized world and quirky visuals really help the game stand out. The vibrantly colored jellies really contrast with the monochrome backgrounds, and the game looks unlike any tower defense I’ve ever played. The soundtrack is odd yet agreeable, and really set the tone for fun. The game is also very challenging. I mean, it’s no secret that I’m terrible at tower defense games in general, but this one didn’t feel so brutally unfair. Each level has very specific strategies to it, and figuring out what they are is half the fun. The game ran everything smoothly too. It can be yours for the fair price of three dollars. This is a great game that breathes new life into the tower defense genre, and everyone should give it a shot.

Jelly Defense
Jelly Defense
Developer: Infinite Dreams
Price: $2.99


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