There are a lot of color matching games for the Android platform and here is another to add to the list. Jelly Balls features stacks of balls made out of jelly (go figure).

The app offers a few different gametypes to play through from the classic timed elimination games to the more challenging logical puzzles. All of the games deal with the concept of matching 2 or more of the same color to eliminate. The higher the number of the same color in an area, the higher your points will be. Each different mode has it’s own unique challenge to it but I found it to be a relatively similar experience overall. The game was pretty entertaining to play through and my only large complaint was the music playing in the background. It just grew annoying after a while. Overall the app is definitely worth looking into if you enjoy puzzle games but it’s still not anything that I was too excited about. It had some fun and challenging puzzles to play through, but the experience was a little too similar to a ton of other apps out there. Still if you get the chance, check it out.