The game sets you up as a scientist on part of a planet which is about to be nuked from orbit due to a virus breaking out and spreading like wildfire. Your goal is to get in, get as many samples of the virus as you can and get out, so that you can study the virus and learn how its mutation works, hopefully to stop it. It would be a shame if you found out you worked for Umbrella Corporation at the end of the game.

Every level puts you on a map with obstacles, collectible virus samples, and a goal. The only thing you need to do to complete a level is get to the goal, but you will receive a poor rating. You are rated based on how many of the samples you picked up and by how quickly you were able to complete the level. You can fall off the level wherever there is a gap, so make sure you’re careful unless you see the neon lime green walls. There are also bumpers which send you flying, jump pads to go over gaps, timed laser gates, and volatile bits of the virus that will explode after contact.

You control the game simply by tilting your device to go in any direction. I am not very fond of tilt games at all, so I might hate this app a lot more than you will. The thing that really bothers me about it is that there is no way to adjust the sensitivity, and I had a really difficult time getting the hang of the controls, if I can even make such a claim. Also, the game re-calibrates the tilt for ever single level, so you always have to be sitting or standing just right for it to work. I always found myself flying off of ledges and dying due to the controls. I always went for the virus samples at first, but after meticulously collecting every single one with great caution, my time limit ran out and I died anyway! I hate that I have to fight the clock AND the controls. Also, the game would force close on me constantly after only playing a few levels.

All that being said, the aesthetics are very nice, and the neon green obstacles definitely offset the red and brown infection. There is a certain atmosphere the game creates. It is entirely possible that I’m just total rubbish at tilt game play like this, which is likely the case, and many of you probably won’t hate it nearly as much as I did. Either way, it’s a decently made game, and it’s totally free, so check it out for yourself.

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