Android App Video Review: Instagram

Apr 5, 2012

The extremely popular, two and a half year old iOS photo sharing app Instagram has finally been released on Android, and it’s just as great and easy to use as ever. You can snap and instantly share photos wherever you are in the world. That focus on community is what sets this above and apart from other photo editing and sharing apps.

Once you’ve created your account, you can find people to follow through your email contacts, Facebook, and Twitter, or you could just randomly browse through other popular Instagram users. The whole point of the app isn’t just to easily share your photos, but to find other users that post photos you enjoy. You can favorite or comment on any photo you see. The home tab simply offers a parade of photos from all the accounts you follow based on the date they were posted, so it’s easy to log in and discern what’s new and what’s not.

Uploading photos yourself is simple and easy. You can take a fresh photo on the spot, or pick one out of your gallery. Once you do that, you can choose from a decently sized batch of filter effects, add a basic border, rotate the picture, etc. Then you can add a caption, geo-tag it, and upload. Simple as that. You can also upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. Yes, the editing side is very basic and  limited, but I’m fine with that. Other photo apps definitely offer more robust editing features and similar social network connectivity, but for a totally free app that’s just meant to quickly create and share memories, this definitely gets the job done. It’s all built around Instagram as a social network rather than Instagram as an app itself, which makes it all the more fun to use. That may not be your thing, but for the low price of nothing, you should definitely see what all the hubbub is about.

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Andrew Koziara

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