The story here has to do with post apocalyptic futures under corporate rule with people’s souls being transferred into robot bodies and all sorts of fun nonsense. You play as some guy who has to save some important doctor, or whatever. It doesn’t seem all that important really, and is mostly a vehicle for wild and kooky gameplay elements.

The game is simple. You have left and right movement buttons, a jump button, and a shoot button. As you jump and shoot your way through a level, you’ll have to find and activate three signal boosters before you can move on. These signal boosters are often hidden within the ground itself, and they get harder and harder to find. Finding all three within a level’s time limit awards you one star, with other stars being awarded for killing every enemy and having extra lives in the end.

There’s also this whole spiel with leveling up and boosters, but in this game, you lose experience just as easily as you gain it. By dying often, you’ll lose experience and even de-level back to level one. I was only level two for but a few, all too brief moments, and I haven’t attained it again since then. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my play style, I tend to just charge through these games and die a lot. The game does get fairly challenging though. As with other OrangePixel retro platformers, the spirit of retro games is really captured well, and that includes things like annoying enemies and frustrating levels of difficulty.

There are four different worlds with ten levels each, always punctuated by a boss battle, of course. The pixilated graphics are intentionally chunky and rough looking, and the game has a unique aesthetic inspired by comic books. The backgrounds made me think of Canabalt fairly often, too. The experience would not be complete, of course, without a well done chip-tune soundtrack. People are reporting control issues on several devices, though they mostly worked fine for me.  If you like these sorts of games, then you can add INC to your library for just under three dollars. Download the free Appolicious Android app