As you can see this is something of a Canabalt clone, the popular Flash game made iOS game. From the style of the buildings, the scale of everything, and the things happening in the background, it all screams Canabalt. I Must Run! builds on this by adding a melee button and a slide button though, and it definitely freshens up the experience. As you run you can jump over obstacles in your way to be safe, or you can punch them out of the way, building your score multiplier but risking the speed of your run.

As you punch things and barely make jumps you get big score bonuses. Eventually you have to incorporate sliding under obstacles, and once you get used to it, it becomes a fun and fluid experience. You can play the game with its original screen touch controls too, which simply segments areas of the screen for each action, but it’s great to play it with a controller. As you continue running, you enter new areas, like subways or neighborhoods, and each new area acts as a checkpoint. Unfortunately there are no checkpoints in the middle of an area, and if you die, even right near the end, you have to tackle the whole run again. This can be really frustrating, and it’s hard to get very far as you only have a limited number of lives. There is an endless mode which lets you play in any of the games areas right from the start if you want to see them that way instead.

I will say this for the game. Even though it’s a Canabalt clone, the addition of colors and a variety of levels was definitely an improvement. The game has a solid art style and color scheme which fits it well. There is a story in this game, though you wouldn’t know from playing it. I had to find the games trailer on YouTube to watch the story set up. What I liked about Canabalt though was the mystery and intrigue it created. You had no flipping clue what was going on or why you were running. Then buildings start collapsing, missiles start flying by, and giant Alien/Mech/Godzilla monsters are fighting in the background. Regardless of originality, this game expands on the very basic formula of Canabalt, and it creates and enjoyable experience in the process. Download the free Appolicious Android app