This is a game in which your finger basically becomes the gun. Your goal is to progress through the different zones, building up your arsenal. Each zone consists of several levels with increasingly challenging enemies coming in at dozens of entry points. From regular gunmen, to knife kamikazes, grenade throwers, commandos, and more. You have a limited amount of health and must outlast a specific number of enemies for each level, occasionally blasting extra money drops or bonuses like Big Head mode.

Headshots drop enemies quickly, though not necessarily instantly as they become more heavily armored. Your arsenal consists a main assault weapon with limited ammo, handgun with unlimited ammo, and grenades. More powerful weapons and armor, as well as ammo and grenades, can be purchased with your accumulated funds. The difficulty progression feels balanced and fair for the most part. You can choose between a total of fifteen guns across the games six main zones and two humorous bonus zones, offering a good deal of variety.

The stylized graphics look great and serve the game well. The sound is also well done. OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are supported. If you’re using an older device like me and my Nexus One, one with a very difficult and touchy control screen, then you will have a very hard time even playing this game. You can’t really shoot and aim at the same time without teleporting your gun across the screen and leaving you insanely vulnerable. Even if you play it carefully, you’ll probably have to grind for better guns and armor on earlier levels to continue. Luckily, the game is completely free, so you can easily check if it works on your own device. There is a lot of value here for a totally free experience, and I recommend giving it a try.Download the free Appolicious Android app