The Greedy Spiders of the title are a band (literally, a country music band) of Spiders who lure innocent insects to their performances before trapping them in a web. It’s up to you, the player, to save all the flies from their captors. Quick aside here: I completely disagree with the premise of the game. Even though spiders are all actually demons that need to be killed with fire, we should really be helping them kill as many flies and mosquitoes as possible. This game has it backwards.

Anyway… Each level consists of a uniquely formed web with various flies and spiders strewn about it. Every time you cut one of the strands, the spiders make a single move. You have to cut all the strands in the correct order so that the spider never reaches its target, until every fly is free. This is often easier said than done, as the difficulty of the game ramps up really quickly after a certain point. Along the way, the player is afforded certain power ups, such as a flame that will burn every strand connected to a certain node. Soon you have to deal with multiple spiders per level, and different kinds of spiders with differing movement and tactics, and then my brain melts.

As I said, this is a thinking person’s game, and I personally found it to be quite challenging, but not unfairly so. These are the kinds of puzzles that you actually want to work towards solving, with the occasional bit of frustration and rage. Add to that the well done cartoon graphics and simple UI, and you have a great game on your hands. There are over one hundred challenges to take on, and you can do so for only one dollar. Check it out.