GameFly is a free app that has been released to better aid in learning about upcoming games and keeping up with the latest new in the gaming world. The app is split into three different sections that users can browse through.

The first section is the games section that has a list of all the games for every system and offers a bunch of details about each one. Everything from the game controls to the specifications can be viewed in a simple format.

The next section is the news section. This section offers all the latest and most popular news in the gaming world. New trailers for games and game downloadable content news will be updated everyday into the news section providing an easy overview of everything.

The last section is the incorporated GameFly rental section that gives gamers the ability to view and update their GameFly queue right from inside the app. This is basically the same thing as their mobile sight but it is nice having it all in one place.

The app is pretty well-made but it is not without its faults. I had many issues with the app slowing down quite a bit and I also found the interface to be slightly clunky at times.

Overall though, the app is very useful and we don’t have anything like it in the app store yet. It’ll be interesting to see if this ever updates and evolves into a full-fledged database of game videos and content. But check it out, it’s free and has a ton of good info.