The gameplay is still classic Fruit Ninja. Your finger becomes a sword responsible for the murder of thousands of fruits. This new game is actually much smaller than the original however, featuring only two modes and no online multiplayer. Those two modes are Desperado and Bandito. Desperado is a remixed version of Classic mode form the original game. In this version, the only way to restore your lives is to slice the magic beans that zoom across the screen. The difficulty curve and speed of the fruits seems to increase much faster as well, though I could be wrong.

Bandito is the more original of the two modes, offering something completely new. In this mode, you’ll play through a gauntlet of twelve randomized challenges and mini games as you climb the tower to the final bonus challenge. These consist of trying to crack a touch coconut, slicing fruit as they pop through windows or zoom across the screen, hitting them as they quickly fly up while attached to balloons or as they bounce down a ramp with a load of bombs, and many, many others variations. All of these challenges are very quick, with short time limits, so don’t blink or you might miss something.

The Puss in Boots-inspired graphics and interface are very well done. There’s new music, new blades and backgrounds to unlock, and the entire game is punctuated by the sultry voice of Antonio Banderas himself. This game definitely isn’t a replacement for the original, but it’s bound to please longtime fans with its fresh new take on the gameplay and aesthetics. If you enjoyed the original, definitely give this one a chance, and even if you haven’t played the original… Well, what are you waiting for? These games are awesome!