The entire goal of the game is to get a little frog from the bottom of the screen across the road, through the grass, over the turtles and logs to the other side. Each time you are successful, the game gets progressively more difficult until you are forced to give up as you are squashed by a car or drowned until you have no more lives.

The game is known for rewarding quick reflexes and a strategic mind. Konami has released this version of the popular game and it definitely has an old school feel to it. Many of you from the younger generation may be disappointed in the lack of variety in gameplay and the silly graphics, but all of you that have lived long enough to remember the game will definitely feel a sense of nostalgia. The controls are handeled by swiping which can cause some frustration as they are not always recognized and can get you killed. It would have been nice to have an option for a dpad, but the controls do work well enough.

Overall, the game is priced wonderfully low and this makes it a no-brainer to grab if you like frogger. I definitely recommend buying it. It has some small quirks, but hey.. it’s frogger on Android. Check it out.