Flick NBA comes with over 24 players representing every team in the NBA. So you are bound to find at least one character you like. The game begins right away. Your goal is to make as many shots as possible within the time limit to score the most points.

The gameplay was pretty simple. If you time your shot right and flick the appropriate distance, the shot will go in almost 100 percent of the time. If you’ve ever played a different flick game, you will know exactly how this works. But now the NBA and placed their stamp all over this game and it definitely shows.

But, even after playing a few rounds of the game, it still brought me to question whether it was worth the extra price paid. It still was a really basic game, albeit fun, but it didn’t have enough replay value to make me want to keep it on my phone.

If you are a huge NBA fan and desire to have an app with some of your favorite players and game types, this app may bring you plenty of entertainment. But for the price being asked, I’m going to recommend passing as the price does not justify the content.

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