I haven’t really seen too many fishing games in the Android Market so when I got the chance to try out Fishin’ 2 Go, I was excited. The game had everything I expected to be in a fishing game from different locations, lures, lines, and rods.

It took some getting used to reel in some of the fish but that was all part of the experience. The level of customization was completely unexpected. I could change my line weight and lure depth and much more. Even though I could do this though, I never really got the feeling that it was making a difference. Nine times out of ten I would cast and immediately get a fish on the line. The sounds in the game can be a little annoying at times with random environment noises cutting into the otherwise dead silence. I supposed this was an attempt at ambiance but it ended up ruining the experience for me. Overall the game is fun but definitely lacked any feel of realism. If you enjoy fishing, this game might just be for you. Check it out.