After a quick front loaded tutorial explaining what’s what, you can pick from three modes and start playing. The stage mode is your basic campaign, with a series of unique and increasingly challenging levels. Here you’re goal is usually to collect enough blue energy orbs, or some other item, to open the warp gate to the next level. Touching the screen in any mode will activate Matrix Mode, which causes everything to slow down into bullet time so you can get out of hairy situations. There’s also a button solely used for readjusting your tilt at any given time. The other modes, Extreme and Original. Are both basically survival modes, in which you just avoid enemies and rack up as many points as you can, keeping your orb collection combo high.

Now on to the bad. The tilt controls are pretty terrible. You’ll constantly have to readjust them, and they never feel quite right. Sometimes you’ll tilt to the right to move right, but for no reason at all you crawl along at snail’s pace, unable to outrun danger. There is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the tilt, only to reset it’s position. This ruins a lot of the game right off the bat, and makes the later levels in Stage mode that much harder. While you play and amass lots of points, you’ll rank up. Ranking up, getting high scores, and progressing through the Stage mode will unlock new ships for Extreme and Original mode. I was unable to do so, though. Also, selecting the “Ranking” option from the main menu made the game force close, and when I came back, my campaign progress was wiped clean.

Now, the tilt controls aren’t always bad, and I actually had a lot of fun with this game when it was working properly. The visuals and aesthetics, while not very original are also well done, and the soundtrack ain’t half bad either. Best of all, the game is totally free. In order to play, you’ll need to charge up your coins, which only means they make you stare at an advertisement while they give you fake virtual coins, and the game plays like an imaginary coin op arcade game. The controls might not even work so badly on other devices, so I’m going to recommend people try it if they’re interested in this type of game. Honestly, you should probably just go play Hyperlight HD instead. It’s a very similar yet far better gaming experience.