There’s no real set-up here. You’re some purple dude who needs to escape this facility, and the only way out is up. As you wall jump higher and higher, avoiding the dangerous exposed electric panels, you’ll have to outrun a massive and angry laser beam. Tapping the screen will lead to a short jump, while holding it longer will lead to a higher jump. You can also chain your jumps together to build up a lot of speed, but it’s not recommended. Every time you build up any real speed, you’re almost guaranteed to collide with a hazard and die; especially since the higher you go, the more frequent environmental hazards become.

The gameplay sessions are quite short, even if you get some good height, and it’s all very repetitive. There isn’t much variety to be found here at all. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that if you aren’t logged into your Kongregate account and trying to go for those height badges, it might feel kind of pointless. While I still find it fun, most people will probably enjoy games like Ninjump or CJ: Strike Back much more due to the longer play sessions and greater variety of gameplay.

The retro graphics are fantastic looking, and the soundtrack is just as good. I found this game to be terribly addicting, and every time I died, I just had to give it one more attempt, over and over again. Going for the hardest badge is quite the task. Despite other games offering more content for free, I’m still going to have to recommend this one dollar title; especially if you’re the kind of person who loves tough and challenging games.

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