I love Earthworm Jim. When it first came out, it was seen as a complete slap in the face as to what conventional gaming was. It featured a wacky earthworm named Jim who enjoyed flinging cows into the sky and using his head as a whip and helicopter.

The game was a hit on the systems that it first came out for and now it has finally made its journey over to the Android platform. The controls for the game are handled by an on-screen D-pad and buttons for each of Jim’s actions. The game, in its entirety, has been ported over and that means just as much crazy cow launching is available as back in the day. The controls did get a little in the way as I was playing through the game: there were many points where I was required to make a precise jump, which was hard using virtual controls.

Other than that, everything that made this game so wonderful has been jam packed into a game that works decently on your Android. Even if you are still not sure whether or not to get it, The developer has offered the game for free to grab. It definitely is a great game that I recommend checking out.