It’s basically Angry Birds mixed with miniature golf, when you boil it down. The goal of each level is to get your feathered friend to the worm by swiping to make him fly for a short amount of time. You can only fly a certain number of times per level, which basically acts as your par for the course. Getting to the worm hole under par is the only way you’re going to get all three stars for a level, and often times the other score producing mechanics don’t even really matter. I missed every collectible bug in a level and still achieved a three star rating.

The game continues to get more complicated and more fun as new environmental mechanics are added, from the addition of wind currents to bouncy flowers, immovable bumper birds, and more. It takes a while to get used to the controls and the physics of your swiping, but once you do, you can chain together some really cool sequences. Despite the game being fairly different from Angry Birds, the developers are clearly targeting that market. They’ve included something called the Phoenix, an in-app purchase which is basically the equivalent of Angry Birds’ Mighty Eagle, helping players pass levels but also unlocking a whole new game for them to play.

The art in the game is colorful and well done, and quite varied across the four different worlds that are already available to you. OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements are supported as well. This is a solid, polished title and I never felt bored playing it. For only one dollar, it can be yours. Check it out.