This is a straight up port of the original game, now redone to support touch controls You can choose between single or dual stick control configurations as you shoot, jump, crouch, and interact your way through each level. The novelty of being able to interact with just about everything is still awesome as you visit urinals, admire your reflection, or pass some singles on to a stripper or two.

Unfortunately, the touch controls don’t really transfer over very well. Old school shooters were fast paced and required a lot of twitch movements, which just don’t work very well on a touch screen. Not to mention that if you’re using an older device like my Nexus One, which doesn’t exactly handle multi touch with grace and poise, it’s even worse. I was able to play this game on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and I can say it’s still a bit awkward even without the multi touch issues. There are plenty of sensitivity settings to tweak, and you can probably find a way to make the game feel good with some changes. Unfortunately, people are reporting game stopping bugs and glitches, so approach this download with some caution.

The old school graphics and sounds are honestly completely out of date, but that’s part of their charm. If you were a fan of this game back in the day, or if you’ve been scarred beyond repair by Forever (though I honestly didn’t think it was nearly as bad as most people were saying), then this nostalgic walk down memory lane might be just what the doctor ordered. Even with all its issues, it’s great to throw the game on the easy setting and just experience it all over again. Just don’t expect to do very well on harder difficulties unless you’re some kind of touch control maven.

You can download the first chapter of the game for one dollar, with the other two also costing one dollar. At least that way, if the game doesn’t even work you’ll have only wasted one dollar instead of three. It’s once again time to kick some ass and chew some bubble gum, and of course, you’re all out of gum.

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