The game has you take control of the Dragon Hunter with his bow and arrow turret to defend a castle from wave after wave of dragons. You swipe to control the torque and the angle of your shot as you take them down. Each dragon you kill yields money to be spent on upgrades. Eventually you’ll have stronger arrows, spells, and a stronger castle at your disposal.

The game is extremely slow at first. There is very little challenge and each wave is the same boring thing again and again. They really should have sped up the upgrading process and mixed up the enemies more often. You’ll almost never use spells to save money, and it’s all quite repetitive. There is an occasional boss fight, and those are usually fun and mix things up. There are also some really annoying sea dragons that are half blocked by buttons, dragon corpses, and your meat harvesting guy. They really should have been more visible. After a certain point, the game stops being monotonous and starts being extremely difficult. If you don’t build up your offense properly, you can run in to a brick wall. There is no way to gain any gold when you die, unless you use the games advertised offers, which reportedly don’t always work anyway.

The art and music are pretty well done. This is supposedly a sequel to the original Download the free Appolicious Android app