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Oct 4, 2011

There have been many games to emulate the iOS’s Tiny Wings in an attempt to recreate that success. Dragon, Fly! from developer Four Pixels is the best and most successful imitation on the Android, and while unoriginal, it’s well made and a lot of fun. After quite a while, they’ve just now released the full, paid version of the game. So how does it compare?

For those who don’t know, Tiny Wings and Dragon, Fly! are both physics-based casual games that involve building momentum and maintaining speed in an attempt to fly as far as possible. In Dragon, Fly!, you are a newly hatched dragon trying to fly, and the level ends when your mum catches up to you.

The gameplay consists of touching the screen to pull your wings in to become more aerodynamic, while not touching the screen allows them to flap. By touching the screen at the top of a hill and letting go at the bottom, you perform something called a “swoosh” which allows you to go faster and faster. Three swooshes sends you into fire mode, which multiplies your score. Doing this, you jump from island to island. Levels are littered with diamonds to collect and speed potions that boost you on your way.

Dragon, Fly! Android App Review –

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The game presents you with three specific tasks, such as touching the sky a certain number of times or doing several swooshes on a specific island. Completing all three tasks is equivalent to a “level up,” and you then play as a differently colored dragon with more perks. The free version of this game limits you to the fifth dragon, while the paid version lets you go beyond that. The diamonds that you collect are saved, and can be used to purchase potions which grant special boosts, though these potions are all quite expensive.

Overall, this game is fun because it’s the same exact game as another fun game. It’s very well made, the art is nice, and the music sounds like a mix of Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and every other cutesy creature based physics game out there. Since there is no Android version of Tiny Wings, there is no real harm in buying this game for a dollar. I recommend you start with the free version first, though.

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