As I said, it’s basically Flight Control with combat. You touch and drag the plane to create the path you want it to follow. All you have to do is point the plane at an enemy and it will automatically be taken care of for you. You just have to make sure to stay out of enemy sightlines, as your plane can’t take very many hits. Every fifth enemy you kill will drop a power up, such as different kinds of missiles, invulnerability, or a repair kit to get back to full health. You will almost always get one of the different kinds of missiles though; I rarely ever saw anything else. There is only the one game mode. You just play and try to get as far as you can before dying and entering your score into a leaderboard.

The game is extremely bare bones. In order to unlock an upgraded plane, you have to kill 3,000 enemies. That is not an easy feat, as the game gets really hard after 25 kills or so. The next plane after that is 5,000 kills, and those are the only two planes available. There is also a ranking system tied to the leaderboards, but the only thing it does is give you a little rank icon to sit next to your name. It just really isn’t worth playing this game to grind out for the upgraded planes and ranks. I mean, it’s pretty much Game Design 101, if you want to hook your player, give them many rewards very quickly in the beginning, and then slowly make them more difficult and time consuming to achieve. You don’t start a game with such a massive grind for the very first upgrade. Give us something other than an icon for ranking-up in a game where there is no real competitive play. You have to give us tangible rewards for playing. Let us unlock different skins for our planes, different paint jobs, anything!

All that said, the game is simple and has a simple, colorful art style. It’s also pretty great that anyone can pick up and play it. The game may have some criminal design choices, but who am I to complain when the game is completely free? Check it out.Download the free Appolicious Android app