The game play is simple. You automatically run to the right and tap the screen to jump, much like Robot Unicorn Attack but without any dashing or LSD. The goal is just to reach the end of a level without falling or otherwise dying, collecting gems and stars along the way. There are three stars to collect in each level, which make up your final rating. The game would get insanely repetitive if not for the sheer amount of new mechanics that are constantly being introduced. Zip-lines, moving platforms, pools, fans that launch you in the air, spiked balls, bouncy bombs, and even the ability to fly. Every single level that I played added a new mechanic to the mix, though I didn’t even get all that far. There are three worlds with different environments, and I haven’t even been past the first world. There are 100 levels in the game.

As you play, you will unlock new characters to play as. You can also buy tons of characters with the gems you collect in each level. New characters are strictly a cosmetic change and don’t offer any new abilities, but every level has one character and only one that will receive double the points when used in said level. There are even more characters and costumes than there are levels, and they’re all colorful and fun, even if their faces are a bit disturbing. There is a ton of variety to the characters, from disco dancers to nerds to vampires to aliens. I like the simple art style of the game, though it could use some more prominent music. I barely even knew there was music in the game. Also, the game really needs some mid-level checkpoints. Dying near the end of the run only to do it all over again will nearly kill the game for you. This game is definitely meant to be played in short bursts. The advertisements aren’t very troublesome at all, due to the brilliant top-left corner placement. Your eyes will always be drawn to the right of the screen, at what’s coming ahead, so you barely even notice the ads. This game offers a ton of content for a completely free game. Definitely check it out.

[appbox googleplay com.ezone.Diversion]