This is one of those closed path tower defenses with specified spaces to place your towers. It’s some kind of patriots vs. devils scenario that is probably offensive to some people, but probably shouldn’t be taken seriously in any way. The enemies and towers all consist of different kinds of soldiers with different weapons and effects. The gameplay is nothing we haven’t seen before, but it’s pretty well balanced overall. You have access to a grenade, mine and carpet bombing power-up as well, and they’re each quite effective.

The visuals are very unique and probably the best aspect of this app. The character models are 3-D and cartoony, while the environment is comprised of layered 2-D images to create a very different looking game. Outside of the original visuals and basic gameplay, this app is a total mess. There is an in-game currency called EP. You need EP to purchase all sorts of things, such as the power-ups I mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, you also need EP to unlock any level past level three. Oh! Did I mention that there is no way to earn EP through the game, and you’ll have to pay no matter what to continue? To unlock level four and beyond, you’ll have to pay three thousand EP. As you can see here, the cheapest way to do so is through three purchases of the 1000EP for two dollars pack, totaling up to six dollars. And who knows if there are more EP roadblocks down the line?

I wish you could see how hard I’m shaking my head right now. This game is absolute wasted potential. It’s also frozen on me on three occasions in the limited time I was playing it. There are achievements and an atlas and plenty of other fine features, but this game is in no way worth the kind of money they want for it. Then again, maybe you’ll disagree with me. Download this free game and check it out, but please keep in mind that there are several tower defense games that are far better, both free and paid. I’d definitely recommend you pass on this one.