You play as a random ambitious minion of the super villain Gru, trying to win that coveted minion of the year award by being as despicable as humanly possible. You do this by doing nasty things to other minions as you run, mainly just by knocking into them and sending them flying to their doom. This all adds to your Despicable Multiplier, which is our score multiplier for the game. As you run, you’ll also collect loads of bananas, as currency to be spent on power-ups and costumes.

This is a three lane switching runner, like Agent Dash. Despite being in such an overdone genre, it’s really very fun and fresh. Unexpected things happen constantly, as new obstacles or enemies are introduced at a moment’s notice and you just have to roll with it. Whether you’re doing battle with Vector, riding Fluffy Unicorn to collect loads of bananas, or smashing everything in sight as the massive mega minion, there is always something patently insane and absurd going on, and it always keeps  a smile on your face.

There are two areas to enjoy. Gru’s neighborhood, and Gru’s lab. Each come with loads of unique settings and obstacles, and there is even an exclusive new villain to fight, created just for this game. As you play and unlock achievements, you can redeem those achievements for Despicable Coins, which let you purchase revives, bypass difficult objectives and much more. They are essentially the premium currency of this game, and yes, all the currencies can be purchased in-app if you choose. But thankfully, Gameloft toned it down on pushing them in your face, though they do push the social Facebook connectivity like nobody’s business. In the end, this is just another runner, but it’s so well done and set in such an entertaining universe, that it’s actually worth playing! And again, it’s totally free, and actually feels free.

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