Android App Video Review: Deer Hunter Reloaded

Jun 6, 2012

Deer Hunter Reloaded is the latest entry in the long running Deer Hunter series of games from Glu Mobile, and it is easily the best of the bunch. It suffers from the same irritating freemium model that many Glu games do, but in terms of visuals, smooth gameplay, and stability among various devices, this game definitely outperforms the rest. Especially cool is the new X-ray vision gimmick.

The first person shooter gameplay is as simple as can be, with swiping to aim and virtual buttons for everything else. It’s a less homicidal version of Contract Killer, for those who want a comparison. The challenge comes from the wobble of the gun, making it hard to aim. This makes things especially hard in higher level hunts, which require you to hit very specific areas for each kill. As you go on hunts, level up, and earn money, you’ll be able to buy and upgrade your guns as well as different clothing which magically make you a better hunter.

Deer Hunter: Reloaded Android App Review –

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Of course, the ever-irritating energy meter is present, and it gets ridiculous in later levels. You’ll eventually reach a point where your guns are not well suited to the jobs, you’ll fail missions, and then you’ll have no energy. It’s clearly trying to get you to use in-app purchases to get better weapons, bonus items, and more energy, which can be frustrating. Despite all of that, the game isn’t impossible to play without IAP – just difficult. The commonly used sub-mission structure with rotating objectives is also present, under the label Challenges. Luckily, there is an energy-free mode in Stampede, which just asks you to kill a number of increasingly fast and tough beasts charging past you.

The visuals and atmosphere created definitely fit the game well, though I’ve never been hunting myself and wouldn’t really know. The random bonus items are all fun to use, like hollow point ammunition, mating call whistles, and other things, but they’re not worth the IAP. This is still a solid game overall, and definitely worth a look from fans of the series and other Glu Mobile games. Deer Hunter Reloaded is totally free, albeit with annoying advertisements, so feel free to check it out.

Developer: Glu
Price: Free+
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