Android App Video Review: DarkMaze

Sep 30, 2011

DarkMaze is a cool maze puzzle game released by Zomg Games Studio. It makes use of tilt controls, hazardous mazes, and light and dark mechanics to create an awesome Android experience.

The goal of every level is simply to get to the end of each maze. The trick here is that each maze is full of peril and danger, completely shrouded in darkness. You often can’t see things until it’s too late. Utilizing the same dark mechanics as a real-time strategy games, such as Warcraft 3 or Starcraft, you can’t see any areas of the map until you actually pass through those areas yourself. Spikes, pits, and various other hazards could lie around any corner, making you play very cautiously. Several puzzle elements are exhibited, such as gates with switches or size changing laser beams, giving this game a lot of variety despite being such a simple concept.

DarkMaze Trailer

DarkMaze Trailer

Each level has a certain amount of coins to collect, adding another level of challenge for completionists. Actually moving around each level is already a challenge thanks to the tilt only controls. You can calibrate them to different starting positions, but you can’t tweak the sensitivity at all, unfortunately. The difficult controls are the only real complaint I have for this game. It’s just a bit too challenging at times.

The 3D graphics shown from the top-down perspective look great. This is a very well made game all around. There are even in-game achievements to go for. DarkMaze is definitely worth a look for most people, and it’s completely free. Check it out.


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