Now that we’ve had a fantasy and science fiction based MMO, it’s about time for a horror-based one. Take control of a vampire in a world full of things that go bump in the night, including zombies, ghosts, necromancers, warlocks, and werewolves. The story is pretty basic stuff, full of night clubs, ancient vampires, makers, glamouring, and all the other stuff you might find in the television show True Bloood.

While there are still some open areas like a traditional MMO, they really mix things up this time by adding loads of freemium design conventions. You’ll start the game off in the world map of your current campaign. Each available campaign mission will be highlighted. Most missions are simple tasks that you complete just by clicking OK, and two or three of those missions will usually be followed by a traditional combat based mission. The combat based gameplay is quite fun and clever. Sure, you’ll run around using virtual buttons to launch attacks, but you can also build up a kind of rage meter that lets you go feral and drink some enemy blood, increasing your health, power, and speed. There are plenty of destructible objects to use your cool powers on, and lots of sweet, sweet loot.

The bad news is that Spacetime has adopted the eternally irritating and frustrating energy meter. Every mission will cost a chunk of energy to complete, eventually leading to you having to wait for your energy to recharge over time. What’s worse, is that there are two in game currencies. Regular old gold, and special platinum. There is no way to earn platinum in game, and it takes forever to save up enough gold for anything worthwhile anyway. Spacetime should have taken a page from Riot Games and League of Legends’ book and offered us a way to earn platinum through play. Even if it’s super hard to get, it feels less cheap that way. Even Glu Mobile usually gives you some currency when you level up!

The visuals and music are all well done, and fit the theme perfectly. The sound doesn’t always work properly, with certain sound effects not playing or the music cutting out randomly, but when it all works there is definitely a sense of atmosphere. There were even a couple very brief but startling moments. You can still run around and emote with other vampires at the clubs, stores, subways, etc, but it’s all optional.Friends lists, guilds, auction houses, and all that other fun MMO stuff is still here. This is a solid game, and honestly, while I hate the freemium elements, I still really enjoyed playing when I could, even if I had to wait. I still really liked the game, but it makes me sad that these devs seem to have leveled up their greed attribute a bit. Dark Legends is still fun and free, and I definitely recommend it, even though it’s admittedly the worst of the three.

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