Dilbert is a comic strip well-known in corporate circles. The strip takes the business environment and comments on almost all of its sometimes ridiculous events with even crazier stereotypical characters. It really speaks to the culture surrounding the different departments, and helps to comment on the latest issues in business. The comic strip is distributed primarily online through their website but luckily for Android users, there is an app to bring the comic to you. DailyDilbert is a simple, no-frills app that takes the entire collection of comics and puts it on your device.

Every day the comic is updated and will show when you open the app. Users can browse through past comics by clicking the ‘previous’ button or selecting the calendar option to select a date to view.

There seems to be a few elements that could be improved upon such as the low resolution graphics, and the sometimes awkward placement of the comics. But aside from my own vision for what the app is, it’s free and definitely gets you the comics you love. Check it out.