The game starts you off as a mercenary whose name I can’t be bothered to learn. They only tell you people’s names once or twice in this game. It’s kind of strange. Either way, he kind of looks like a vampire Abraham Lincoln. Eventually, you meet up with members of Thor and form your party for the game. The story isn’t what we’re here for though, it’s the combat and RPG elements.

Combat feels satisfying, and there are layers of strategy to it that add some depth, but I ignored strategy most of the time and just ran around attack everything until it went boom. Something really fun to do in this game is to arm everyone with knives and just go around stabbing everything in a roving shank squad. You can pause gameplay to issue commands and use items, but I rarely ever do. The leveling and upgrade systems are less satisfying though. I never feel like I’m really progressing and it all fails to make me feel very powerful.

The game stands out for its retro art style, which really makes the game pop. The soundtrack to the game is also pretty great. The controls could really use some fine tuning though. I would always select or deselect things I didn’t want to, regardless of how careful I was, and it got really annoying really fast. But the things I’m complaining about are small compared to the big picture. Cyberlords Arcology offers a fun touch-based RPG for about a dollar fifty, which is a great value for this game. Give it a look.

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