The goal of each level is to get the candy to the cute little monster thing. You do this mostly by cutting ropes. The game is all about physics and momentum. You have to cut the rope with just the right timing so that it will swing properly, avoiding spiked walls and getting to the goal. It’s an extremely well done game, and the puzzles have just the right difficulty curve. As you play, more and more mechanics are added, from floating bubbles, to air cannons, to sliding ropes, and even teleporters. Every level has three stars. You only need to get the candy to the monster to proceed, but you’ll need to get stars to unlock all the different levels. Trying to figure out how to reach all the stars in a level adds a whole new level of challenge, and it’s extremely rewarding when you succeed. The game is just very well balanced.

This was already one of my favorite games on the iPhone, so I already knew what I thought of it before even downloading the android version. This is a great port, with all the charm and cuteness that made it so popular. The art is vibrant and really makes the game pop. The animations of the little monster as you succeed or fail are priceless too. The sound effects and the music set a lighthearted tone that will make anyone smile. The developers even have the courtesy of releasing more and more levels, completely for free, rather than making a sequel. All the levels that have been released on the iPhone version are already packed into this version. At only one dollar, this app is a total steal, and everyone should check it out. Download the free Appolicious Android app