Now, in each time period, you’ll have to feed two Om Noms in each level. Just this simple change inspired so much creativity in the design, and things feel so fresh, despite having loads of re-used mechanics and familiar gameplay. New mechanics include chains that must be cut by special blades, a special winged Candy that mimics the normal candy’s movements no matter what, and even the ability to freeze and unfreeze time. Though, when you freeze time, objects lose all their momentum, which seems odd, but it works well as a puzzle mechanic.

The Pirate area introduces explosives. Ancient Greece brings a special switch that swaps which Om Nom is currently in the level, and the Stone Age lets you move everything in a level with a big clock wheel! All of these new mechanics build on each other in great ways. Also, if you get stuck, you can activate Om Nom’s latent telekinetic super powers, making any level a breeze, and giving Om Nom the most adorable goggles! There’s quite a bit of content to enjoy, with six time periods right out of the gate, and as always with ZeptoLab, you can expect a lot of future support and free updates.

Speaking of free, unless you’re after the HD version, this is the first game in the series to be free by default. This lack of a price tag brings with it some really obnoxious ad placement, including forced video ad views, but otherwise, there’s really nothing to complain about. The game is just as colorful and vibrant as the rest, though a bit sharper and better in general, and it’s all new kinds of fun wrapped in a very familiar package. Physics puzzle enthusiasts and Om Nom fanatics alike should all give this one the time of day.

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