The game has you take control a cosmonaut named Vadim. After encountering some aliens and getting steamrolled by them, he heads back to the academy to report what he’s found and get more training. Thus begin the space fairing escapades of the personality filled cosmonauts, as they face off against aliens and space pirates.

The game takes the catapult style game play of the Worms series of games and puts it into space. The unique environment makes for some unique and interesting additions to the formula. Your simple goal is to destroy whatever is on the opposite side of the screen before it destroys you. You launch various projectiles which arc through the air… or absence of air, rather, gaining power and speed the more air time they have. Sure, the game makes no scientific sense, but who cares?

Being set in space allows the game to create various interesting mechanics, such as moons that catch your projectiles or black holes that spit them out in random directions. Destroying your enemy in one shot is the only way to get a three star rating. This can force you to think creatively, and adds a lot of challenge and depth to the simple game. Getting a three star rating awards you with random bonus items. These items apply to Skirmish mode, a simple battle mode which allows you to make use of different characters, ships, and weapon set ups. There is even an online or pass and play multiplayer mode.

The art and sound are extremely well done, and this game is all around hilarious. The game is completely free, only for the first batch of tutorial levels. An in-app purchase of one dollar is required to unlock all the current and future level packs. There are tons of in-app purchase items to buy, but they all consist of extra things that you don’t need. This isn’t a perfect game. The camera can make aiming extremely hard at times and you’ll be looking at a lot of load screens. Regardless, this is still a pretty good game and definitely worth at least trying out.

[appbox googleplay com.spg.cosmonauts]