This time around, Cordy and Volt have crash landed on a new planet, where the mechanical inhabitants are enslaved by the tyrant Boogaloo. Yes, that’s really his name, with all the enemies having the word “Boogie” somewhere in their names. It’s up to Cordy to stop him with new abilities, new friends, and a host of new adventures across three beautifully rendered worlds.

Despite the kid-friendly approach to aesthetics, this game is really quite hardcore. Just beating every level will not be enough to progress. Each level has up to three stars to earn; one for reaching the end, one for finding all the volts, and one for beating the level within a time limit. Later levels are blocked off unless you have enough stars, so you’ll have to go back and replay old levels if you don’t have enough. That’s not really an issue though, as levels are simply a joy. They’re non-linear, pleasing to the eye, with plenty of nooks and crannies hiding secret areas.

Cordy’s base abilities include a double jump, plus a grappling hook that he can use to swing from certain nodes or access teleportation circuits. Now, through plenty of helpful friendly robots that he wears like backpacks, he can do a lot more. Magnetbot lets him stick to surfaces and use free speed boosts, Smashbot lets him break block obstacles, his old pal Volt turns into a jetpack, and Copterbot is used in levels that are just like the Flash game Helicopter, or more recently, Jetpack Joyride. Fully exploring every level with these different abilities is more than satisfying.

With top notch visuals and sound, a fleshed out robotic world, bonus challenge levels that you can purchase with gears, which are more like puzzles than full levels, and even customization options for Cordy, there is no shortage of things to love about Cordy 2. Now, the first four levels are free to try, and the full game will cost you five dollars. I know that’s pricier than other games, but the content more than backs up the price tag. It is definitely worth checking out for anyone who has ever enjoyed a platformer.

[appbox googleplay com.silvertree.cordy2]