Android App Video Review: Cordy

Apr 19, 2011
Video Review

Cordy is an app created by the developer SilverTree Media. The game is a puzzle platformer that will challenge you to solve various spatial challenges. It features a robot-like character in charge of powering-up the world around him.

To do this, you must collect energy throughout the level. The game’s controls are extremely simple, you are given a left and right direction as well as the option to jump and interact with some objects. I did notice that the character tended to glide quite a bit which made precise movements hard. The game’s graphics are definitely some of the better ones that can be found in the Android Market and the music and sounds only help to improve the overall experience.

The game implements an in-game payment system which is heavily advertised in the app. This grew annoying at times, but for the cheap price of free that the game was offered for, there is really no need to complain. Overall, the puzzles were challenging at times but the length of the game is definitely short. Since the game is available for no price, I definitely suggest checking it out still.

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Erik Fikkert

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