You also have an energy meter which keeps your actions limited. I can’t stand games that make you wait to play them just to create a temptation to buy extra energy or money. Like other games from Glu, you can also download other apps to get credits in this one.

The gameplay puts you up on a sniper perch outside various locations. You are fixed to a limited view port of 180 degrees or so. You have to find your contract and take them out, hopefully in one shot. Should you fail to kill them in one shot, you will be swarmed by the target’s goons. Some missions have you kill the goons anyway. You can look through a scope, control the zoom, and steady your shots. The controls were difficult to get used to, and I missed pretty often. The buttons don’t seem to be as responsive as they should be.

The gameplay is adequate, but it’s nothing special. I couldn’t really get into it, but I’m sure there are tons of people out there who will love it. The soundtrack and art style of the menus and maps definitely set the tone and make you feel like some uber-assassin running around a city. It’s all pretty good for a totally free game. Check it out.

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