This game is just like its predecessor, only zombified. There’s an over world map showing you various missions, shops, safe houses, etc. You complete missions, gain experience and money, buy better guns, and then take on harder missions. Replacing intelligent targets that take cover and shoot back with mindless zombies gives this game a completely different feel. It’s not about being super accurate and killing people in one shot. Zombies can be killed with body shots, which is blasphemous, but I can forgive it. Sniper rifles are still in the game, but they are no longer the focal point. I couldn’t get into the sniping aspect of the original, and find this to be a great improvement.

Missions usually entail covering survivors as they try to escape the undead horde. A great improvement over the last game is the addition of more interesting characters. You play as a wheelchair ridden bad-ass known only as Shooter. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be the same guy from the first game though. You encounter a survivor named Evelyn, and together you decide to help evacuate the survivors of the city. The game isn’t about escaping yourself, for once, but staying and helping others when you could escape at any time. It’s not super realistic, but apparently Shooter has nothing to lose anyway. Most missions starts with a bit of dialogue between Evy and Shooter, giving you bits of character and story. They aren’t original characters and this isn’t an original story, but I find it to be far more interesting than the last game.

The game is bloodier and gorier than ever. The graphics are about the same quality, only now everything is darker and more apocalyptic. Music reminiscent of 28 Days Later permeates the dreary and devastated world. There are many in-game achievements to go for, mostly related to hitting those ever so satisfying headshots. The game is still a freemium game like the last, allowing you to buy better weapons through in-app purchases. Guns are ridiculously expensive though, so good luck saving up. By far, the best improvement over the last game is the omission of an energy bar limiting your actions; no more waiting around, no more buying ammo, none of that. If your phone is older like my Nexus One, the touchy controls can make it hard to aim, but it’s still manageable. Although the game is a bit sparse on locations and gets very repetitive, and you’ll probably get sick of it fairly quickly, I wholly recommend giving it a shot.

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