What we have here is a basic platformer, only it’s contained within a sliding tile puzzle. As the level is divided into various segmented tiles, it’s up to you to move between them while rearranging them to get around. Once you get the red key and enter the red door, you win. Tile sides have to match up perfectly in order to create a pathway, and while the game starts simple, it does not take long to show off its brain busting brilliance.

Once you get to the third set of levels, you’ll be introduced the gravity changing mechanics. Simply rotate the device to turn the world on its head. There aren’t any penalties for dying, really. Each level rates you based on your completion time and whether you collect every coin, so to that end, simply completing levels avoids being frustrating. The simple touch to run and swipe to jump controls are well done enough, though I’d really like to see some alternative options. They can feel kind of clunky at times, though.

Simplicity and elegance defines this game, whether we’re talking about the mechanics, or the streamlined aesthetics. The visuals are very basic and clean looking, and despite lacking any really impressive art, it somehow looks great. The music is also excellent, as it switches between two great tunes in each mode of play. If you’re looking for a totally unique game to enjoy, definitely pick this one up for one dollar. If you refuse to trust me, you could just grab the lite version as well.