This is an endless action game, in which you enter a combat area and stay there until a monster randomly drops the key to escape. Then you have a chance to upgrade your character, and then you enter another combat area. Rinse and repeat. Enemies drop all sorts of goodies, from temporary strength and speed power ups to health potions and precious gold coins. You can spend that gold on a wide variety of spells, weapons, and armor in the resting sections. Any equipped offensive abilities occupy one of four buttons, which can be arranged in any combination you like. More powerful weapons and spells have cool-downs between uses, so make sure to balance your arsenal accordingly. Upgrading your armor adds defense, and upgrading your shield adds an extra heart to your health.

The first obvious change from the original is the inclusion of the vampire character. He has a completely new set of weapons and spells available to him, with a couple exceptions that he borrowed from the first game’s hero. When upgrading the vamp’s armor, he takes on a whole new style, with new hair and everything. It’s random but a nice touch. The vampire’s two melee weapons are both very short range since he has two guns to choose from, and his spells are not all offensive. He can imbue himself with extra power and speed for a short time, frighten enemies away from him, or siphon health while attacking like a proper Nosferatu.

All in all, the game is an improvement. There are new arena backgrounds and new sets of enemies that add some much needed variety to the equation. There’s also a new timed challenge mode to try out. They’ve narrowed the game down to three difficulties, eliminating the “hard” option, but now everything has moved up a level. The game is much harder than before, with far steeper jumps in difficulty even on easy mode. you seem to get less money for upgrades now as well. It’s better than the first game, which was way too easy until you maxed your character out and eventually hit an impassable difficulty wall.

The game’s 2D art is colorful and well done. I was playing on a tablet, which this game is clearly not fully optimized for. Some stuff looked great, but certain backgrounds or menus and icons were still in their native resolution, making them jagged and blurry. As long as you’re playing on a smaller device, it should look much more cohesive, and just better in general. The music still gets on my nerves, but that can be ignored. It’s still not a very “good” game, but it can be fun to play and is a decent time waster. I can’t really complain anyway as it’s totally free, so have at it.