The game tells a simple story of cartoons at war. That’s all the info you get, and all the info you need to set up the gameplay, which consists of constantly escalating arena fights where your goal is to kill all the other cartoons before they kill you. The focus of the game is on running and shooting, with the occasional special ability thrown in, such as a health recovery or rain of fireballs. After each level, you collect gold and spend it on the huge variety of weapon or statistic upgrades. The gameplay starts off fairly slow, but once you get used to the pace and the enemies get tougher, it becomes a lot of fun.

I don’t like the lack of direction in the game. You don’t always see the effects of your upgrades, and it’s possible to waste money on upgrades that are unimportant. This can lead to you getting stuck on a level, grinding out small bits of gold at a time as you try to overcome the difficulty wall you’ve accidentally created. You can always start a new game on a different save slot if it gets too bad, but most of it is manageable if you focus on weapon and health upgrades over everything else. Also, there are different save slots, but you have to switch them through the options menu. Just thought you should know.

The 2D art style is simple, but appealing. The game sports a techno soundtrack which is good if you like techno, but it’s very repetitive and seems out of place. After a certain number of levels, you’ll switch to a different environment with new music, adding some variety. The game is completely free, supporting in-app purchases of gold for an extra boost. It will literally take you ages to grind through everything in this game if the initial pace keeps up, and while purchasing gold would be nice, it’s not necessary. Still, there’s no harm in trying this one out for yourself. Enlist for the great cartoon war and change the face of the cartoon world as we know it.

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