There isn’t really much story other than, you know, zombie apocalypse, so I’ll jump right into the gameplay. Each level is represented by a new day, and each day you get to choose from a few different levels to enjoy, from a junkyard to a church to a parking garage to a burning village, and more. This is strictly an arena shooter, and your only goal is to survive against the waves of undead. The battlefield will usually be littered with pick-ups, from ammo to money, and you’ll need every bit you can get to survive. As the days go by, new zombies enter the fold, and you’ll need to head into the armory to upgrade your arsenal.

You can either upgrade your old weapons, increasing damage, accuracy, and fire rate, or unlock brand new ones. They start out pretty standard, with machine guns and a chainsaw at your disposal, but before long you’ll have rocket launchers, laser swords, and the most crazy world destroying guns imaginable. You can also improve your armor, or buy fun costumes with various perks. If you want to enjoy this mayhem with a friend, you can play cooperative survival or gun each other down in the versus arena over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also play against random people in quick-match. Like I said, there really isn’t much to this game, but it’s a frantic action title that you can enjoy at any time, kind of like a bloody and violent snack.

[appbox googleplay com.trinitigame.callofminiandroid]